1) Register as a developer
The first thing you need to do to use our services is to register as a developer. If you haven't yet, please sign up on this page.
We require you to supply your first and last name in order to become a developer. Then, when you have received an email by us, please click the link within and activate your registration. A registration is only valid for a maximum of 24 hours. After that time has passed, TrackBase is automatically removing your registration, if not activated yet.
Once you are a developer, you can then create applications and access our APIs.
2) Create an application
To create an application, please follow this link. Before actually adding a new application, you have to think about the type of application you want to create. Should it be an app requiring user information or not?
Apps requiring user information can send users to a link – explicitly generated for their application – where they can connect to that application. That's not possible with applications not requiring any user information (requirable data is set to none). Please note that you can not change your requirable data or type of application after it's been created.
Please set your application's requirable data wisely and only set as much information as you really need since the user has to approve the dataset. If you require too much information, the user may not approve your application.
You will receive an email containing an application authentication key (AAK) and a private key (PK). Please keep them secure and either save the email or copy the keys on a sheet of paper.
3) Access an application programming interface (API)
Now as you have created an app, you can access all of our APIs. We only disallow access to our APIs for specific apps / developers when we discover abusive usage.
We advise you to check out all the API docs beforehand. Besides all api-specific required parameters, you always have to supply your app id ('app'), relation token ('token'), and your AAK ('_aak'). We are always returning data in json format. Also, we return error codes and a message plus a count of results. Please check if the error code is 0. If that's the case, you should have a count of results greater than zero. When you want to get user information, please note that you should already have received a post request by TrackBase containing the relevant user id. Send a user to your app-connect link and he / she will be able to connect. When that's done, you can access their information.
4) Youtube Video
You can also watch the video below to get a visual tutorial on how to use our new service.